Saturday, March 1, 2003

Writing - Tools

We have many different tools for writing on. Here are the pros and cons of each (the way I see it)

Dry Erase Board - Large

This is our large dry erase board. I love it. We can play so many games on it. I also use it to write Hannah's new sentence and new words on each night. Of course 5 minutes after she reads her words our board look like this: But I don't mind. The only thing I worry about is the markers getting on Hannah's clothes, so the markers are hidden most of the time (or she draws in her underwear)

Dry Erase Board - Small

I love our small board. It is the size of a piece of paper and is so portable. We also have a tiny eraser to match :)

Chalkboard - Small

I love our small chalkboard. I don't have to worry about Hannah marking up her clothes, but there is all the chalk dust.

Then there is the regular paper and crayons. My favorite standby.

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