Sunday, June 1, 2003

Whole Words vs. Phonics

Apparently there is a big debate over how to teach children reading. Should they be taught Whole Words or Phonics? Whole words is teaching a child the word as a whole, not by sounding it out. Phonics, of course, is teaching a child to read by sounding out the letters of a word.

Glenn Doman teaches Whole Word exclusively.

Sidney Ledson teaches Phonics exclusively.

Felicity Hughes teaches both.

I teach both and I think both are needed. Some words in the English language don't follow any rules of phonics and therefore you cannot get around whole words no matter how much you want to :) For ages 2 and under I would only teach Glenn Doman's method. For children ages 2 or 3 and up I would teach both. For children 3 and up I would teach phonics only.

If you want a deeper explanation or debate that this, you will have to read these authors books. I say whatever works for you then go for it. Both methods work, as these authors have proven over and over.

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