Sunday, December 1, 2002

Fun Stuff - Little Mouse, Little Mouse

This game is called "Little Mouse, Little Mouse" You hide the little mouse under one of the houses (ok, they are barns... but at the time, I couldn't find clipart for a house that I liked). After you hide the mouse then your child can look.

Me: "Little Mouse, Little Mouse are you hiding in the... what color?... "
Hannah: "Blue house!"
Me: looking under the blue house "No, he's not in the blue house..."
Me: "Little Mouse, Little Mouse are you hiding in the.... what color?... ".

and repeat, and repeat until the mouse if found.

We played this at our library storytime and Hannah loved it. Of course, when we played it at home she had to be the mommy and I was the child finding the mouse. You could also play it with shapes too, or letters....

Here is some clipart to make your own "Little Mouse" Game.
Here is a video of us playing "Little Mouse, Little Mouse"

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