Thursday, January 1, 2004

Games - Blends


I believe this excel file includes the most common (if not all) the Blends. I made these flashcards with the blend on one side and a word that includes the blend on the other side. I would explain that these 2 letters together would make one sound. We would treat the blends just like another letter of the alphabet and play the same games that we did for all the alphabet games. We just added reading the word on the back as an extra step.

sh - ship, fish (this sound is a quiet sound. I would put my finger to my lips and say shhhhh)
ph - phone (this is our "copycat" sound. It copies the sound of "f")
ou - out (say "ow" like you've hurt yourself)
ow - cow (same as above)
ay - say, play, day
ur - fur
ee - tree, bee, see
ea - sea
oa - boat, coat
th - this, then, them
er - her
ir - girl, bird, dirt
ch - chin, chalk, cheerios, ouch
aw - paw, saw
ai - train
ng - king, ring
ck - back, black, kick, trick, duck
ew - new ("eewwww" like something is gross or yucky)
wh - when, why, whiz (another copycat sound, it copies the "w" sound)
oo - book, cook, look
oo - pool, cool, tool

The "oo" is my hardest blend (for me) to teach. There is one set of "oo" that makes the "oooooo" sound as in book, cook, look and the other "oo" makes the "uh" sound as in book, cook and look. I still have a hard time with this and mostly teach these as sight words. Sorry I'm not much help with that.

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