Thursday, January 1, 2004

Games - Dice Action Game

Use action flashcards and (soft) dice. Have your child throw the dice and pick one flashcard. Do that action (on the flashcard) the number of times shown on the dice.

Action words you can use are: Wiggle, Summersault, Hop (bunny), Hop (one foot), Skip, Smile, Stomp, Run, Snap, Clap, Blink, Roll, Jump, Twirl & Kick.

Depending on which dice of these you pick, you can teach the number or counting.

Here's another dice option. My only suggest is to get soft dice, so they don't hurt when you get hit with them!


Leej said...


It's me again. What does are these dices?

Lisa said...

I bought these dice over 12 years ago! I used these for my 1st son who is now almost 15. I think I bought them at a learning store or Walmart. Nearby we have Lakeshore Learning and Learning is Fun. Both of these have online stores. They are made out of foam/plastic and are very soft. They measure 2" on each side. I do have a bigger set made out of sponge material that measure 5" on each side. Both are great :)

leej said...

Wow it sure can last. I managed to goggle and found it is a product of Koplow and i can purchase them online. I only wish they come bigger. The biggest i found is 4". And i like it's foam material better than the 5" sponge material.

Is the sponge one good to handle? I am just a bit iffy that it is more porous than the foam one.

Lisa said...

The sponge material is very squishy and soft so even very small hands can grab them.

The foam numbers are smaller in size so small hands can grab them, but they don't squish at all.

I liked them both, but I think we used the smaller one more just because it has the dots on it for counting.

joc. said...

Thanks Lisa for the descriptions. In the end I ordered the inflatable cubes from Amazon. It is 8". I like that is big and my girl can throw it like a ball...hopefully.