Thursday, January 1, 2004

Games - Gone Fishing

Hannah found a fishing game at Lakeshore Learning and loved it! Instead of spending $20 on the game, I just make our own cheap free version. We tied some yarn onto a broken sword handle and tied a strong magnet onto the other end of the yard. Don't make it too long or it tends to swing too much and makes "fishing" difficult. We got the current phonics flashcards we were working on and slide large paperclips onto them. Viola! Fun in a flash :)

Here's a couple videos of Hannah playing the fishing game. If she doesn't know the word or is not sure, I'll just tell her or help her sound it out. If she doesn't know any of the words then I will point to a word and say "I'm going to catch the ___." or "You're turn. Can you catch the ___?"

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