Thursday, January 1, 2004

Games - Word Muncher

A friendly monster who "eats" letters or words. You can put him on a cereal box or a milk carton or up on the wall. I prefer to hold him with my hands.
The boys loved this game, but the first time I played it with Hannah (with her letters) she got scared and cried. We didn't try it again for 8 months! Now she loves it and laughs when the "Word Muncher" burps or spits out words he doesn't like to eat (like rat)
The "Word Muncher" is really called the "Chore Chomper" and came with bones to write the names of chores/jobs on them. We never used it for that purpose, although I'm sure it would work really well for that too :)
Here is the "Chore Chomper" with the bones in his mouth. The "Chore Chomper" "Word Muncher" is made up of 2 pieces so that the bones/flashcards can slide in his mouth.
Source: Unfortunatly I do not remember where this came from. I wish I did it is SO cute!

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