Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hannah - May 21, 2008

Today we played "Word Muncher" a few times. She wanted to do ALL the "at" and "an" words, but it was a little too much (about 17 words). We started a new game (which the boys would NEVER play). It is the shopping game! I got out her Leap Frog shopping cart, taped all her "an" words to the food and went shopping for them! I made a grocery "list" on our small white board and set the food around the loft. Then she went shopping for them. She raced around looking for all the words/food and she had so much fun. We probably played it 5 times!

She still can't sound out the "an" words on her own and needs help. I don't think she understands the whole concept of phonics yet :)

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