Thursday, January 1, 2004

Games - Mixed-Up Whole Words

This is our Mixed-Up Sight Word game. Hannah loves to play this!

We are using Glenn Doman's method of teaching from his book "How to Teach Your Baby to Read".

We have 9 flashcards measuring 3 1/2 x 8 1/2. A single word is printed on each one in large letters. First I say the words to her for a couple of turns until she knows them. Like this:

Each day we take out the oldest word add one new word. The first words I picked were: Mommy, Daddy, Hannah, Takeshi and Ernest (her brothers). The next words that I picked are out of easy reader books that Hannah will be reading (after she learns these words).

Here is our video of us playing the game. We put the 9 flashcards down, and Hannah reads them. Then I mix them up quickly and say, "They are all mixed up... you can't read them now!" Hannah of course comes over and reads them again, and again.

Here is another version of the "Mixed-Up Whole Words". Here Hannah says the words once and then has Twyla say them the second time.

We play this game 2-3 times a day, mixing them up about 4-5 times in each sesson.


Robyn Larson said...

Have I ever told you how much I love this blog of yours, Lisa? I love coming here for ideas of ways to help teach Abby to read, count, and do other things. You are amazing!

Lisa said...

Thanks! You are so sweet :)