Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hannah - June 11, 2008

We went to the library today and got some Bob Books. It's hard to find books that only include the words that she knows (which are few right now) so we are going to start teaching whole words again (in addition to phonics) so that she can read some easy readers. For Hannah to read the "Sam" book on top she only needs to learn 6 new words (and, Sam, sad, on, the, end). Hannah already knows her "at" words which make up the rest of the book.

Just to clarify - Hooked on Phonics does include books that use only the words that she know, but I do want to expand our "library" of reading books. That is why I will be teaching "whole words" also. Plus Hannah doesn't "get" the whole sounding out phonics thing yet, and I'm helping her a lot with that :)

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