Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Most Common Words in Written English

Here is a site that my friend told me about. It lists the most common words in written English from 1-200 in order of use. This is a great list to have for your little ones when learning to read. I'm going to copy and paste the list here, but it's probably easier to read from the link :)

Here are the Most Common Words in Written English

Words 1-20

the of and a to in is you that it he was for on are as with his they I

Words 21-40

at be this have from or one had by word but not what all were we when your can said

Words 41-60

there use an each which she do how their if will up other about out many then them these so

Words 61- 80

some her would make like him into time has look two more write go see number no way could people

Words 81-100

my than first water been call who oil its now find long down day did get come made may part

Words 100-120

over new sound take only little work know place year live me back give most very after thing our just

Words 121-140

name good sentence man think say great where help through much before line right too mean old any same tell

Words 141-160

boy follow came want show also around form three small set put end does another well large must big even

Words 161-180

such because turn here why ask went men read need land different home us move try kind hand picture again

Words 181-200

change off play spell air away animal house point page letter mother answer found study still learn should America world

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