Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Game Closet

Our Game Closet - November 2008

Hannah LOVES to play games and put together puzzles. I've rearranged our game closet so that Hannah can have the bottom 2 shelves and floor for all her games and puzzles. I think we have about 15-20 games and 15 puzzles that Hannah loves to play. The top 3 shelves (not pictured) are all the games for ages 8 and up. Since I love to play games too, I'm very excited that we can play together, since the boys never got into the "games" thing.

Her favorite games right now are Guess Who and Pokemon Sorry. She understands how to play these games really well and frequently beats me when playing. She doesn't understand the strategy concept, but does understand all the rules of the game. With the Guess Who game she tries to sound out the names of the people in the game, which is pretty cute. Pokemon Sorry plays just like the classic Sorry game, with just a few added twists with some Pokemon characters.

A few of the games I bought when the boys were little, some where bought new, but most of the games we've bought from Goodwill/Garage Sales for $1 or $2 dollars.

We probably play Guess Who about 4 times a day right now!

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Bridget said...

Love the game closet!