Friday, June 5, 2009

Coffee Filter Art

New Art Project

Tuesday mornings we have a library class with songs, stories and art. This past Tuesday they made this cute flower. They bought it at Lakeshore Learning, but basically it's a thick coffee filter type paper. I thought we could re-create this at home with our coffee filters.

You'll need: coffee filters, markers & water in a spray bottle.

Flatten out the coffee filter and let the kids color all over the coffee filters with markers.

Mist them with the spray bottle and let them dry. It's pretty cool to see how they will turn out. Our colors weren't as bright as the one from the library class, but I think that's because we have cheap coffee filters. The paper from Lakeshore Learning is heavier and better quality.

Here's one that I did in NON-washable markers. I wanted to see if the colors would be brighter.

They were, but not by much.

The kids thought this was a lot of fun. I also saw this same project at Family Fun, but they suggested using paintbrushes with water on the filters instead of a spray bottle.

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