Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Eye Patch and Reading

Working that eye!

Last month we found out that Hannah has an astigmatism in her left eye (meaning her cornea is shaped like a football instead of a circle), and she had been doing most of her "seeing" with her 20/20 right eye. This made her left eye weak. Per doctor's orders, Hannah must wear this eye patch on her right eye for a half hour everyday, forcing her left eye to do all the work and get stronger.

We've been doing this for a month and Hannah just went in for her re-check on her eyes. The doctor said that it's working and she has improved one line level on the eye chart. We need to keep doing her eye patch work daily for the next year.

We use Hannah's "eye patch time" to work on workbook sheets and to do our daily Hooked on Phonics reading. This way we get 2 things done at once!


Priya said...

Hi Hannah's mom

It is a miracle that i happen to find your blog today at the exact time i need some help. Sorry for leaving this message as a comment instead of sending it to your email ID.
My son is 5.5 yr old and is been diagnosed with astigmatism and his brain has started to prefer his left eye and is ignoring his right eye.
My question to you apart from the eye patching have you ever tried/considering Vision Therapy.
Any advice from your part will be highly appreciated


Lisa said...

Hi Priya,

I have never heard of Vision Therapy, so we have never tried it. I just did what the doctor suggested. I know another mom who's daughters eye was so bad that she couldn't even read the top E on the eye chart. Their doctor said they have to dialate her eye and wear the eye patch. When I find the link, I'll post it. Your blogger id was not available, so I hope you check back on my commments :)

Lisa said...

Here's the link. I'm sure you could email her and ask her what she is doing specifically

Priya said...

thank you so much Liza. Your little one is so adorable. And you are one creative mom.