Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Homeschooler

Ernest with his books.
(Textbooks, workbooks & novels - all 14 of them!)

Ernest started his 8th grade school year at Cortney Jr. High. For 6th and 7th grade all of Ernest's classes were Honor's classes, but this year Cortney cut out every single honors class & art! Ernest was so unhappy in school! We talked with the school office, counselors & principle to see how Ernest could be challenged, but no one had any solutions for us. The teachers (except for one) would not give Ernest harder work to do, and Clark County School District refused to let him skip a grade. We decided that homeschooling would be the best option for him. With the K12 homeschooling program Ernest can work at his own pace and at a higher level. Also, if he completes 8th grade by January, he can even start 9th grade classes.

Last week we received a computer, printer, school books, teacher guides, CD's, art supplies and a chemistry set (all for free!).

Some of Ernest's textbooks
Box of art supplies and chemistry set


Ernest is VERY happy, loves homeschool and is finally learning :)

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