Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hot Crayon Rocks

Hannah's Rocks

Hannah's been home sick from school for two days. Today (Saturday) she felt better, but not well enough to play outside or with friends. Hannah was begging me today for a "project" to do. I have a favorites folder called "Things to do with Hannah" that is full of bookmarked ideas for fun "projects" to do with her, such as edible playdoh, homemade moonsand, seashell sprayed stationary, and things like that.

We saw this idea from Chasing Cheerios and knew it was perfect for today. Hannah found some usable rocks in the backyard and then started peeling the paper off our unused crayons from this idea. We put the rocks in the oven for 15 minutes at 350. We had several rocks and found that it worked best if we only took the rocks out one at a time for her to work on. We took all the rocks out at first, but after two rocks were done, the other 3 were too cool for the crayons to melt properly.

For the short crayons we used a chip clip (since we didn't have a close-pin to use)

For the longer crayons I just let her hold those with her bare fingers. She's 5 and has enough coordination, that I wasn't worried about her burning herself.

Hannah loved this activity and when her older brother (who's 13 years old) came home, there was another round of making hot crayon rocks!

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Infant Bibliophile said...

What a fun idea! Going to file this away in my mental someday drawer too. :)