Friday, October 8, 2010

Daily Sentences (Flashback Friday)

Each night I write a new sentence on Hannah's Dry Erase Board. I also write the phonics words that we are working on. The sentence is only made up of words that Hannah already knows and can read. After Hannah read the sentence, it goes into our homemade notebook. This was she can keep reading the sentences after she erases the board. The sentence is either:

1. A silly sentence (like so)

2. A sentence out of a book that Hannah is going to read.

This sentence is from the book "Just Like Dora".

Before she reads a book she will have read each sentence on our Dry Erase Board first. This way it will be easier for her to read a "whole, big, book" all by herself. She will have already read it on the Dry Erase Board without knowing it.

Don't worry if your child doesn't leave the sentence up. This is what our dry erase board looks like 5 minutes after she reads her sentence and words (that's why we have our homemade notebook!)

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