Thursday, January 27, 2011

Summer Learning - Hooked on Phonics "Master Reader"

 Master Reader Program

This past summer we also worked on "Hooked on Phonics" Master Reader.  I meant to do these lessons every day during the summer, but it seem like the days slipped by too quickly, and we didn't finish the program.  We are still working on it though :)

There are 4 different levels of books and the first one is blue.  It's not a "fun" as Hooked on Phonics, but is "cooler". Part of each lesson is done at the computer via their software.  Hannah though some of the sound effects were too loud and would cover her ears.  I didn't like the controls for dividing up the words into syllables, it was too easy to make a mistake without meaning too.  The lessons were a bit long for Hannah, but then again she is only 5 and it's meant for ages 7 and up. Other than that, I thought it was an good program.  

After you do the lesson on the computer, you pull out one of their short stories.  I thought this was the best part.  I could sit with Hannah and have her read to me.  Very fun stuff!

Each lesson has a tab with a story using some of the words from your lesson.

Some lessons have more than one story

After you finish the entire blue book, there is a chapter book to read.  

Very cool!

Well, we didn't ever get to the chapter books, but we are still working on it :)

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