Tuesday, December 9, 1997

Takeshi - December 9, 1997

I noticed if I put too many new words/letters then Takeshi would get frustrated. I have to keep a good balance and not give him too much at once.

Today we played "Clean Dada's Work Pants". Takeshi said "hu" for "h" and then he erased it. He didn't erase it all so it looked like an "r", and then Takeshi said "rrrr". I was so shocked because we didn't even get to that part of the alphabet yet. The only exposure he's really had is the ABC Video.

Then we played the "Semi-Circle Train" game and he knew almost all the sounds of the alphabet. We played the "Word Muncher" game and he read "has". Takeshi said "hu" "a" "ssss". He is so smart!

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