Thursday, January 1, 2004

Games - Magic E

The "Magic E" Game is one of the few games that cannot be crossed over into teaching letters/numbers/colors/shapes/etc. It is exclusively a "Magic E" Game

Put the word without the silent "e", on one side of the flashcard, and the word with the "e" on the other side.

You can download the Magic E excel file here. After that is done - get out your magic wand and explain that the "Magic E" is special when it is on the end of a word. Explain how it doesn't say a word or a sound (when it's on the end) but it changes OTHER sounds.

Example: Cut/Cute It changes the "uh" sound to just say "u".

Show the first side, "cut" and then have your child hit the flashcard to magically change it to "cute". I would read the second side for him until he understands. Both my boys loved this game even though it involved a purple sparkly wand.

A cute rhyme is “when 2 vowels go walking the first one does the talking and says its name”.


Souliers said...

Fun game thanks! We used this rhyme that we made up, "I wave and wave my wand around, it adds an 'e' and changes the sound. POOF!"

Lisa said...

What a cute rhyme! My daughter will LOVE this. Thanks for sharing :)

Misty said...

thanks for this cute game! i think my boys will love it too.