Thursday, January 1, 2004

Games - "Blocks"

Get a piece of hard cardboard or poster board. I made mine 8" tall and 40" long. My "sections" are 2 1/2" wide. Place an egg cup in the last 13 sections and fill with a small treat. You don't want anything too filling, or you won't be playing this game very much. Make flashcards with letters, numbers, colors, words (anything you are teaching to your child) and stick them with tape or tacky stuff to 3 blocks.

You (adult) start, and say "A, B, C" and then take the "A" and jump over the "B" and C"

You then have "B", "C" & "A" and you get to eat the treat in the cup!!

Your child now says "B, C, A" and jumps the "B" over "C" and "A" and they get to eat the next treat!

Keep taking turns until all the treats are gone. The next day or so when you play, take out the "A" and add the letter "D".

You can fold it up for easy storage.

Source: "Teach Your Child to Read in 60 Days" by Sidney Ledson.

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