Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cute Lunch Idea

Muffin Tin Lunch

Here is such a cute lunch idea from Chasing Cheerios blog (her whole blog is awesome!). Of course her lunch looks much cute and it probably healthier (since it's organic foods), but Hannah loved it anyway despite it's flaws. She also loved the single M&M in the tiniest "pocket" for her dessert. Of course she ate that first and asked for more. She did get a couple more after her lunch was gone :)

This is a plastic "muffin tin" that I bought from Lakeshore Learning for $1.75. You can't bake it in, but it's great for crafts and cute lunches!


Bridget said...

ADORABLE! I am going to go to Lakeshore today to buy those cute muffin tins thanks to you posting where you got it! The boys will love that idea!

Bridget said...

I was wanting to do this cute idea so much that I waited in the long line with all of the teachers tonight to get them! So cute!

I hope you won't mind if you see your blog entry on my blog! (With credit given to you, of course!) :)