Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Space Mudd

Space Mudd

Hannah made Space Mudd (or Silly Putty) today in Preschool. She loves it and it's really easy to make.

Space Mudd

2 cups white glue
1 1/2 cups water (room temperature)
food coloring
2 1/2 TBSP Borax
1 cup HOT water

Bowl 1 - Combine glue, water and blend. Add food coloring.
Bowl 2 - Mix borax and HOT water until dissolved.

Slowly pour glue mixture into the 2nd bowl, stirring constantly. Knead until liquid is mixed and not sticky.


Professional Mommy said...

That looks fun! I've seen a lot of crafts I've wanted to try that use Borax but I've never owned that in my life, so never remember to get it!

Bridget said...

That looks really fun. I will have to try it with the boys.