Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hannah - February 3, 2009

Yellow Workbook

After teaching Hannah all her letters, numbers, sounds (of the alphabet), colors, shapes, etc with all the games that we played, I started her on the Hooked on Phonics set. We went very slow at first (maybe about 6 months ago) and then Hannah hurt her tongue (resulting in stitches), We got sick, then came Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, more sick, etc. So we really haven't done too much in the way of reading until last week. I pulled out the Hooked on Phonics and decided to not play any games with it (just read straight out of the notebook) and see how it went. Hannah LOVES it!! She asks me every day and every night if she can learn new words. I am thrilled with this.

One of my major goals this year was to teach her how to read before she turned 4 (she is 3 1/2 and turns 4 in April). Not just reading a few words here and there, but really reading well. I wasn't sure how it would go, but she is loving the Hooked on Phonics. Best of all (for me) is that there is no prep work.

We started the 1st workbook (which is yellow) last week Monday and she is already on page 70! She will read 3-5 pages in a sitting and we usually work on it 2 times a day. She loves the little "comic strip" type stories in the workbook. It's great because all the stories only contain words that she has already learned.

Hooked on Phonics also has little books that you can read and color (the inside is black and white). She will read these books to her brothers when they come home from school and also to her dad, when he comes home from work. I love this part because it reinforces what she has learned, by repeatedly reading the same words again and again. Luckily it doesn't get boring for her!

I think her favorite part is the sticker chart. There is one chart for each color workbook & this is a picture of the yellow workbook's chart. She gets to put a sticker on each section when she reads the story or "comic strip". Hannah loves stickers, so she really loves this part.

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