Monday, March 1, 2010

Gardening with Kids

Acacia Demonstration Gardens

With warmer weather (soon) approaching, I thought these ideas might come in handy.

Hannah and I took the "Tricks and Treats: Plant Projects for Kids" on October 31st at Acacia Demonstration Gardens. It was free to attend and was put on by the Master Gardeners of Southern Nevada. We learned so much and Hannah was in heaven making all the fun projects they had.

First they showed us container gardening in recycled milk jugs.

Make sure to poke holes in the bottom of milk containers for drainage.

For tiny seeds (such as radish), you can glue the seeds to a paper towel, then cover with dirt

Here's the radish that was grown in a small plastic container.

Hannah planted a sunflower seed in a plastic water bottle container.

Supplies needed:

  • empty water bottle container
  • cotton yarn or cotton rope (1/8")
  • soil
  • water
  • seeds

Step 1: Cut a plastic water bottle container in half. Place the top of the bottle upside down in the bottom of the water bottle (see photo). Place your wick through the top and bottom of the water bottle. If you are using cotton thread, make sure to double it.

Here are the types of rope and yarn used.

Step 2: Pack your soil down around the wick, making sure the wick is slightly visable above the soil.

Step 3: Plant your seed. Here's Hannah planting her seed with a little help.

Step 4: Water your soil and then fill the bottom of the bottle with water (use tap water, not osomosis or water softener water).

The container is self-watering, just fill the bottom with water as need. Here is our Sunflower after a few days.

Here are the master gardeners plants!
The Master Gardeners also showed us how to make easy sachets!

Supplies needed

  • dried rosemary
  • dried lavender
  • small organza bags

To dry your rosemary and lavender, tie them in bundles using a paperclip as a hanger. Hang in a dark dry place for about 4 weeks (1 week in Las Vegas)

Gather your supplies and pour lavender and rosemary in little organza bags.

Place a pretty sprig of lavender on the top and tie closed.

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