Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summer Learning - Hooked on Math

Hooked on Math

First of all let me say... I know it's January  (I'm a little late blogging about this).  We started working on Hooked on Math during the summer.  Hannah loved the games the most.  There were games on about every other page, so she was thrilled.

I loved right off the bat, that Hooked on Math taught the concept of "Counting On".  Hannah already knew how to do this, but Hooked on Math makes it very easy.

Hannah's favorite game was space bingo.  You add the numbers on the flashcard...

and see who gets bingo!

I loved that there were stickers just like Hooked on Phonics.

Here's the poster

Numbered stars, so you know exactly where your stickers go.

There are lots of extra stickers, so I let her put one of each of the pages she completed.

It also comes with a clear plastic sheet for writing all your answers on.  

Here's one of the "Practice and Review" pages

With the sheet on and all the work done!

Here's a close up

The following page has the exact same problems but with the answers.  Hannah LOVED to check her work!

The clear sheet is also great for keeping score with the other math games.

The only thing that I did NOT like about the Hooked on Math, was the "Practice" pages.

Hannah discovered that the answers were in numerical order and then just followed the pattern instead of figuring out the work.  To overcome this I made her do the problems randomly.

The "Practice and Review" pages were different.

The answers were NOT in numerical order, so Hannah had to really add or subtract to get her answers.

Other than that I would recommend Hooked on Math!  Of course this is just a review for the Addition and Subtraction.  There are other levels as well that we haven't reached yet.

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