Saturday, February 21, 2009

Helper Words

The Orange Helper Words

Here are the orange "Helper Words" from the new level that we are on. Helper words are sight words (words that can't be sounded out, such as "gone, the, have, one") and words that are in the Hooked on Phonics stories that we haven't learned how to sound out (such as words with the silent E and other blends we haven't learned yet).

These words are taught as a whole word (no sounding out involved). We have 2 zipper pouches (.97 at Wal-mart) that we keep these in. The purple pouch is for all the words that she knows very well. The teal pouch is for words that she doesn't know yet or struggles with.

This is our "game" that we play with these words. Each day she gets to hold the purple bag and I hold the teal one. I'll pull out one word at a time and if she reads it right away, she gets the word to put in her purple bag. She loves it when I act upset when she gets to keep one of my words from the teal bag.

Another way to teach the helper words is with the "Mixed-Up Whole Word" Game.


Hooked on Phonics said...

Great idea! Keep up the reading :)

The Wynn Family said...

Hey Lisa is there a list some where of sight words that just need to be memorized? Let me know if you know of any place. Thanks

The Wynn Family said...

Never mind I found your list. :)