Friday, February 20, 2009

Orange Book!

Orange Workbook

We have finished the Yellow Workbook (Kindergarten level) and are now in the Orange Workbook (1st grade level) in the Hooked on Phonics program. Hannah was so excited! This book has mostly blends. Hannah already knows a lot of her blends from this game that we play, so I was able to skip that step in the orange book.

Here is the First Grade box (half is orange and half is red).There are 2 workbooks in this box. The first one to work on is orange, then red. I'm not sure why they divided it into 2 books, maybe so the workbooks weren't too thick.

There is just one "I did it!" chart, although the 1st half is orange and the 2nd half is red.
The books are so cute in this level. There are only 4 books for orange and 4 books for red, but they are illustrated in full color.
Here is a sample page from Skip & Spin "Swim with Dolphins"

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