Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hooked on Phonics - Green Workbook!!

Green Workbook and Reading Books

As of February 1st, we have finished the Red Workbook in the Hooked on Phonics. Hannah was so proud to put an "I did it" sticker on her chart!

There are many Silent E and blends in the Green Books, so we are going to take a couple weeks off from the Workbook and just play the "Magic E" game and work on our Blends.

Here is our Magic E game

Regular or short vowel side

Silent E or long vowel side
Here is our "Blends" pouch
Here is the blend by itself on one side
and the other side with a blend word

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Melissa said...

We have the Hooked on Phonics yellow book. O loves the chart, but is not really interested in doing the workbook. Now that she's in the midst of a reading explosion, maybe she'll be more interested :) Sometimes, it's so hard not to push her but to just let her go at her own pace :) I'm excited to have found your blog (through your email links), and I'm adding you to may google reader.